Casey Davis, Republican for Collin County Criminal District Attorney
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Grand Jury Work

While working as a senior misdemeanor prosecutor in Tarrant County, I was assigned Grand Jury duty on felony Driving While Intoxicated cases. Once promoted to felony prosecutor, I worked on a trial team and rotated into the grand jury division serving three 90 day terms. Each week I would present 35 cases to the Grand Jury and coordinate pre-indictment pleas with defense attorneys and the Court. I presented over 1650 felony cases to the Grand Jury and coordinated over 150 pre-indictment pleas. Under Tim Curry's administration Grand Jury prosecutors were trained to coordinate with defense attorneys on pre-indictment pleas and defense packet submission and oral presentations and to "work the case up for trial" as follows:

  • preparing indictments
  • adding enhancements
  • ordering and reviewing evidence
  • tracking down missing evidence
  • reading relevant criminal statutes and training the grand jury on said statutes
  • ordering prior conviction packets
  • meeting with victims, families and witnesses
  • coordinating evidence, victims and witnesses to call in front of the grand jury
  • preparing case summaries
  • preparing No Bill or True Bill recommendations

In 2010, I began defending clients at Collin County grand jury proceedings by submitting written packets and producing witnesses and defendants. I noticed immediately under the current administration several issues:

  • Cases were not “worked up” by the Collin County grand jury prosecutors
  • Significant lack of trial experience, or lack of recent trial experience in Grand Jury prosecutors
  • Greg Willis had terminated all notice to Defendants or Defendant’s lawyers of their Grand Jury date
  • Oral presentations by defense attorneys were not allowed
  • Victims and civilian witnesses were seldom called before the Grand Jury
  • Grand jury prosecutors were not educated on criminal law
  • Flawed indictments were being filed by Grand Jury prosecutors

Our jail is currently overflowing, our prosecutors are over worked, and our plea dockets and trial dockets are back logged and saddled with cases that do not need to be prosecuted. Collin County needs their prosecutors focused and prepared to handle the unfortunate and terrible crime occurring in rapidly growing numbers in Collin County and NOT stretched too thin chasing cases that simply should have never made it out of Grand Jury. As a defense attorney, I have presented Grand Jury packets in the 18 cases set forth below. I am intimately familiar with the role the State of Texas and defense attorneys should play in the Grand Jury process.

If we do not institute change now, our criminal justice system will continue to decline and negatively affect our citizens and our county tax dollars. We are facing significant growth in indictments each week. Properly “worked up” Grand Jury cases WILL result in an increase in No Bills and misdemeanor reductions. Additionally, If Collin County had a properly staffed Grand Jury Division and each prosecutor conducted their own intake, presented 35 cases per week to the Grand Jury and negotiated pre-indictment pleas on a regular weekly basis, we could save our county a SIGNIFICANT amount of money and we would NOT have overcrowded jails or back logged criminal dockets!

Pre-indictment pleas were terminated when District Attorney Greg Willis took office and they have never been reinstituted. Pre-Indictment pleas are absolutely necessary in Collin County RIGHT NOW! The fact that our current District Attorney has not reformed his Grand Jury Division in the 7 years he has been in office is unacceptable, but grossly irresponsible given the rapid growth of our County from 2010, when he was elected until now.

Taxpayer dollars are wasted by expending resources for trial preparation and ordering Collin County jurors unnecessarily, only to have a case dismissed or reduced to a misdemeanor on the day of trial or in the days leading up to trial. This happens repeatedly on cases that should have never been True Billed. These types of “trial” dismissals and misdemeanor reductions have been occurring since District Attorney Greg Willis was elected 7 years ago and he has not addressed this issue.

Many of these defendants are sitting in our jail costing taxpayers approximately $69.79, for every day they sit there unnecessarily, waiting for a disposition on a case that could have long since been disposed prior to a jury trial setting. We need leadership that understands the important role of the Grand Jury Division and the important role of seeing that cases are disposed of before they reach a trial docket, if a trial is really not necessary. This is what I offer Collin County. It is time for a change in Collin County, I am ready to commit my career to this change and respectfully request for VOTE in the 2018 Republican Primary.

  • Assault Impeding Airway (family member) - No Bill
  • Assault Impeding Airway (family member) - No Bill
  • 2nd Degree Felony Possession of Controlled Substance - No Bill
  • Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon - No Bill
  • Assault Impeding Airway (family member) - No Bill, filed as a misdemeanor assault, later dismissed
  • Assault Impeding Airway (family member) - No Bill
  • Theft 1500-20K - No Bill
  • Injury to Child - No Bill
  • Felony Evading - No Bill, filed as misdemeanor evading
  • Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon - No Bill
  • Injury to Elderly – No Bill
  • Aggravated Assault DW – No Bill (Tarrant County)
  • Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon – Case declined by grand jury attorney, I worked closely with the detective, the victim and my client advocating that the case not be filed by the police or alternatively, be declined by the district attorney’s office
  • Possession of Controlled Substance – True Bill, later reduced to a misdemeanor
  • Theft 1500-20K – True Bill, later reduced to a misdemeanor
  • Temporary Tag for Distribution to Unauthorized Person – True Bill, Defendant hired another attorney and case was ultimately dismissed (my grand jury packet was provided to the new attorney and trial prosecutor which included extensive work on the case)
  • Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon – True Bill, misdemeanor offered by District Attorney’s office
  • Injury to Elderly – True Bill, recent indictment, outcome unknown