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Casey Davis, Republican for Collin County Criminal District Attorney
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Meet Casey

Dear Collin County Voter:

My name will be on the Republican Primary ballot beginning November 11, 2017, to be your Collin County District Attorney, my first political venture. My "grass roots" campaign is starting from ground zero, and my campaign efforts must be vigorous through February 20, 2018, when early voting begins. Collin County elections are historically won or lost in the primary. The incumbent, Greg Willis, is well steeped in Collin County politics and I am virtually unknown politically. In order to make an informed decision, particularly in this very important election, you must have good information about both Candidates.

I am highly qualified for this job, and my energy, passion, and excitement about bringing my skills and experience to the office of District Attorney will be unmatched! The information on my website encompasses my ideas about what needs to happen RIGHT NOW in the District Attorney's Office to ensure our county is a safe, secure and a thriving home for your family and mine as we progress from a rural county into an urban county.

By the close of polls on March 6, 2018, I must have 51% of the votes to proceed as your 2018 Republican candidate for Collin County District Attorney. To achieve this goal, I must reach every person who voted in the 2010 and 2014 primaries because they have shown they care about our county. YOU are one of those voters and I want to meet you. You may have voted for Greg Willis in prior elections, but you need to know why you should VOTE FOR CASEY DAVIS in 2018.

When compared to other counties, the Collin County criminal justice system is antiquated in ways that negatively affect the safety of our citizens and our county's finances. I have been carefully reviewing the structure and progress of the Collin County District Attorney's Office, and the criminal justice structure in Collin County, for the past 7 years. When Greg Willis took office, the County seemed excited and hopeful that he would facilitate the changes we so needed. This has not happened and it is unacceptable to be this behind the game 7 years in! Recently I have observed that things seem to be on the decline with regard to criminal justice and criminal prosecution in Collin County. New and qualified leadership is essential right NOW.

Since I am asking for your help and your vote, please allow me to tell you a little about who I am. When I was 12 years old, I walked door to door to start my own babysitting business. Within a very short period of time, I had a full list of customers within walking distance of my home and was never without work.  It was then that my work ethic began to develop.  I moved to Plano when I 14 and attended Shepton High School and Plano Senior High School.  

When I was 16, my parents bought me a car and the very next morning they insisted I get a job. The car was a terrible, awful, old beat up car but I loved it and I loved getting a job, too! I drove my beat up car straight to Preston Wood mall and was immediately hired by the manager at the first store I entered, Tom McCann shoes, and I haven't quit working since. In high school I worked year round at Preston Park Cleaners and the Plano Cosmopolitan Lady's Gym Day Care and was a babysitter for a family anytime I wasn't at work. In college I waited tables year round.  I earned my bachelor of science in education with a specialty in reading and taught school for two years while I prepared to take the LSAT and apply to law school. Not immediately accepted into law school, I worked at two companies in Dallas while I diligently worked to improve my standing in the community and as a professional to gain acceptance to law school.

Throughout my youth and early adulthood, I have given myself to public service while going to school, building a career and starting my family. Beginning in middle school, I was involved in every organization possible, volunteering with children and pursuing every educational opportunity I could. I engaged in activities such as volleyball, track, basketball, weight lifting, K-Life (a Christian based program for youth), cheer leading, student government, drill team, Future Teachers of America, NT 40 (North Texas Forty Leadership Foundation), Alpha Delta Pi sorority, Stephen F. Austin Water Ski team, law school mock trial competition, Wilson Middle School mock trial competition, Communities in Schools in Dallas and various volunteer groups for helping children learn to read. With every organization I joined, I sought a role as an officer or a leader within the organization or advanced in competitions relevant to the organization. I began presenting publicly when I won first place in a Future Teachers of America competition while attending Plano Senior High School.

While in law school, I was on a mission to gain experience in my three areas of interest to narrow down the field of law I would choose upon becoming licensed. I interned at the Fort Worth Independent School District, Easley & Marquis family law firm, and the Denton County District Attorney's office. Criminal work quickly became my passion and I received offers from the Collin, Denton and Tarrant County District Attorney upon receiving my law license. I chose Tarrant because the office had the best reputation for training lawyers. When I decided to return to Plano to start my family, I opened a private practice as a criminal lawyer and have built a thriving business, while parenting my son, who is now 6 years old.

My business, found on line at, is located in down town Plano and I enjoy being part of that rapidly growing community. While I prefer the work of a prosecutor to defense work, I knew I needed a well-rounded approach to the criminal justice system. I now have experience representing the State of Texas and those charged by the State of Texas and I am ready to commit my career to serving as the District Attorney of Collin County.

I have vast experience in the criminal justice system. My law practice is very organized and structured. I pay close attention to detail in my work product. And, most importantly, I care about this community and the people we represent when we act on behalf of the State of Texas in prosecuting those charged with crimes in Collin County. All of this, I bring to the office I seek and THIS is what is missing from the office now.

Your help is critical to my achieving what the citizens of Collin County need. I look forward to meeting you and answering any questions you may have about what needs to change and how I plan to change it. Please unite with me through this website to make an important change in the way criminal justice is managed in the Collin County District Attorney's Office. We are a progressive county and it is time for progressive leadership. I respectfully request your vote as the first female district attorney of Collin County.


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