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Casey Davis, Republican for Collin County Criminal District Attorney
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Modern Prosecution

The job of a District Attorney comes with awesome responsibility and one that requires extreme skill as a trial lawyer, manager, leader, trainer, negotiator and organizer. The Collin County District Attorney’s Office needs a leader who will assess what the key problem areas are within the Collin County District Attorney’s office AND the Collin County criminal justice system, and then detail a plan as to how the problems will be fixed, and work every day, all day, in the trenches, making sure the plan is being implemented. The fixing of any system requires that one must first put excellent employees and systems in place and productively retain and maintain these employees and systems. Collin County needs a District Attorney who can and will produce results quickly. I am that person, I am not a politician, I am a worker, and I will work tirelessly for this County and with others in this County, to implement the following:

  • Multiple teams of seasoned and passionate investigators and prosecutors equipped to handle the most egregious offenses that occur in our county

  • Technology appropriate for an urban area, in the Collin County District Attorney’s Office, in the Collin County District Court House and in the Collin County Jail

  • Properly structured/staffed grand jury division with experienced trial prosecutors and investigators rotating between the trial courts and the grand jury division on scheduled terms

  • Properly structured/staffed misdemeanor intake division with experienced trial prosecutors and investigators rotating between the trial courts and the intake division on scheduled terms

  • Properly structured/staffed Domestic Violence Division

  • Properly structured/staffed Crimes Against Children Division

  • Evaluating the way resources, employees and lawyers are being utilized in each division of the office and redistribute or make adjustments as necessary

  • Evaluating the expunction division to ensure granting of early expunctions under the statute in the interest of justice or prosecutorial discretion

  • Ongoing and rigorous training schedule for all employees on a variety of topics including but not limited to: victim’s assistance, preparing witnesses, working up a case, trial preparation, plea negotiating, punishment, motion practice, discovery, suppression issues, and Brady issues

  • Teaching, support and guidance from senior prosecutors to equip newer prosecutors with the ability to manage their own case load and make independent tough calls on tough cases every day, similar to that of a “teaching” hospital

  • Equipping prosecutors with a variety of efficient methods for disposing of cases “in the interest of justice” or with “prosecutorial discretion” for youthful or first time offenders or cases that don’t need prosecution

  • Training prosecutors on transparency in prosecution through properly electronically documented files so that all people related to the case, or any other persons that inquire, may be aware of what has happened or is happening on the case and why

  • Paperless criminal justice system

  • Assigning felony chiefs who are or training felony chiefs to be: highly motivated, responsive, energetic, professional, respectful of the criminal justice system and capable of training newer felony prosecutors

  • Early training for new misdemeanor prosecutors so that they are quickly prepared to manage their own case load and make swift decisions on the cases assigned to them

It is time for change in Collin County, I am ready to commit my career to this change and respectfully request your VOTE in the 2018 Republican Primary.