Family photos

My Family

I have the greatest family ever with my son Ethan, our rescue dog Duke, our rescue puppy Scout, our rescue cat Zach, and some really special friends and extended family! Ethan is 6 and in Kindergarten with Plano Independent School District. I grew up in a large family and I wanted lots of children, too, but my husband and I struggled for years with unsuccessful fertility procedures. My parents were married for over 40 years so I did not go into marriage expecting it to end in divorce but, sadly, it did in 2015. Now, being the single mother of an only child, I have had to redefine what “family” means to me and I am happy to report that our life is very full and very happy.

That is one of the reasons my decision to pursue the office of District Attorney of Collin County did not come easy for me. My time with Ethan is precious to me and my career is very important, too. I would not have taken on this role, however, if I were not so passionate about our criminal justice system. As a former prosecutor and, now, a criminal defense attorney, I know that the Collin County District Attorney’s Office needs change instituted immediately, and I am ready to commit my career to this change.