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My Hobbies

As a single mom and a busy attorney, I have little time for hobbies. What I enjoy most is spending time with my son, Ethan, who is now six. We love to exercise and dance in our home gym and run 5K’s (I run slowly, of course, so he can keep up!). We also love camping in our backyard when the weather is cool. Ethan and I read together often and our most recent Chapter book was Hero.

I am the room parent in Ethan’s kindergarten class this year and very excited for that opportunity. Because Ethan is an only child, I plan play dates for him with school mates and the children of my friends as often as possible.

Ethan’s dad and I divorced, so I have some weekends without Ethan when he is with his dad. On those weekends, I spend time at my office working or I plan get-togethers with my friends or sisters and mother to catch up. Before I had a child, I went water skiing as often as possible and was actually on the water skiing team in college. I also enjoy decorating my house, landscaping my yard and taking on small remodelling projects.

Most important in my life is striking a balance with my son, my son’s school, work, exercise, healthy eating, friends and family. Right now doing that is particularly difficult, though, because I am learning that campaigning is an almost full-time job!

I would not have taken on this role, however, if I were not so passionate about our criminal justice system. As a former prosecutor and, now, a criminal defense attorney, I know that the Collin County District Attorney’s Office needs change instituted immediately, and I am ready to commit my career to this change.