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Casey Davis, Republican for Collin County Criminal District Attorney
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Spending Time and Resources Wisely

Domestic Violence

District Attorney Greg Willis had been in office for over 5 years before he set up a Domestic Violence Division. This Domestic Violence Division he established did not have a chief, rather a prosecutor who appeared to be in charge. The unit was completely ineffective, without structure, order or goals. The unit lasted a year or less and he transferred the prosecutor who appeared to be in charge to the Juvenile division, whereupon she resigned. Less than a year ago, District Attorney Greg Willis recreated a new Domestic Violence Division, this time assigning a Felony Chief to the unit. The unit is too new at this point, to assess its viability and longevity.

It is incredibly important to have systems in place for dealing with the heinous crimes that come before the domestic violence prosecutors as well having a system in place to dispose of domestic violence cases that don’t need prosecution. Many police agencies have a policy that if they make the scene of a domestic violence call, someone is getting arrested. You can imagine how many cases are filed with the Collin County District Attorney’s Office as a result of this policy. The police agencies are essentially “passing the buck” to the District Attorney to make the decision about whether or not prosecution should occur following their arrest of an individual. As a prosecutor in Tarrant County, I served a term in an extremely well organized and efficient Domestic Violence Division. I understand what a successful Domestic Violence structure must be, and I will incorporate what I learned into the Collin County Domestic Violence Division.

Grand Jury

District Attorney Greg Willis initiated a change to the way the Grand Jury unit was set up when he first took office in 2010. He put into effect a system where felony court chiefs rotated between Grand Jury and the Trial Teams. His plan failed fairly quickly and he terminated the system and reverted back to the way Grand Jury in Collin County has been handled for at least the past 20 years, a system that is not currently working, a system he is currently doing nothing to change. He tried unsuccessfully to establish a Grand Jury system similar to the systems in place in Dallas County and Tarrant County, places equipped to handle a higher volume of cases. With our shift from a rural criminal case load to an urban criminal caseload, we simply cannot stand for another 4 years where the Collin County Grand Jury system is not reformed to effectively accommodate the caseload.

Employee Retention

District Attorney Greg Willis is on his 4th first assistant district attorney, his second in command, in 7 years. All three prior first assistants left the office under his administration. A first assistant position is a highly sought after, well paid, well respected job that historically people do not quit. His most recent hire for first assistant was a lawyer from Dallas that had previously worked for the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office. Currently, important changes and decisions are not being made, and the office of District Attorney is not a position that is amenable to anything other than quick and effective decision making.

Unnecessary Programs

Most recently District Attorney Greg Willis has spent county taxpayer money and resources on a program called “Cut it Out.” Please read about the program. I submit to you that this is not what Collin County needs. What we need is a District Attorney who is focusing on being tough on the domestic violence crimes that are in front of us, and there are many. We have a large amount of organizations in Collin County who offer assistance and help to women who are in danger, and we do not need to put our County’s hair stylists in this position. A legal brief would need to be written to enumerate the ways in which this could negatively affect a hair stylist and his or her career or place of business. If elected, I will terminate this program, and one of my listed goals will be to evaluate the current functioning of the family violence unit. Changes can then be made, to ensure that the Collin County District Attorney’s Office is efficiently and effectively prosecuting domestic violence in a fiscally conservative manner, and taking proper care of the victims.

Call for Change

Our county cannot continue this way. In the next four years we are going to see growth like no county has ever seen before and we need to be prepared. I have the right training to structure the Collin County District Attorney’s office to handle this growth and I am ready on day 1 to get busy doing the hard work this office needs. District Attorney Greg Willis has been on the job 7 years, our criminal justice system is not working, it continues to get worse, and new leadership is essential right now.

It is time for a change in Collin County, I am ready to commit my career to this change and respectfully request your VOTE in the 2018 Republican Primary.