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Casey Davis, Republican for Collin County Criminal District Attorney
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The Pre Trial Diversion Program

The Pre-Trial Diversion Program was instituted for felony less than 1 year ago, almost 6 years after Greg Willis became the Collin County District Attorney. Prior to the institution of this program Collin County had virtually no helpful resolutions for first-time felony offenders. A misdemeanor Pre-Trial Diversion program had been in place and was relatively simple, until these new changes were instituted by District Attorney Greg Willis. Simply put, the misdemeanor and felony Pre-Trial Diversion program and the associated paperwork is antiquated, repetitive, inefficient, taxing, burdensome and wasting of county resources.

The Pre-Trial Diversion program has Collin County services managing felony cases for two years and misdemeanor cases for one year, cases that the Collin County District Attorney’s Office has indicated they will dismiss! If elected, I will reform this program immediately to align the program with that of a growing county, with a fiscally conservative model.

This program is not something developed by a District Attorney prepared to deal with the substantial growth of our county as declared in the Mission Statement of District Attorney Greg Willis: “This once small, quiet community is now one of the fastest growing counties in Texas and the United States, with 2010 population estimates exceeding 800,000. In November 2010, desiring a leader not just for today but also for the years of growth ahead, Collin County residents overwhelmingly elected Greg Willis to serve as their Criminal District Attorney.”

First, the level of growth we have experienced and will continue to experience was unknown to us in 2010. Second, the current District Attorney is not running the District Attorney’s Office or assisting with the way criminal justice is run in Collin County in a way that indicates he is aware of the growth or understands how to set up a system of criminal justice to deal with the growth. It is the current on the job performance that is so key to Collin County right now. There is a reason why this office is open for re-election every four years. Voters recognizing a need for change should have the opportunity to vote for a new District Attorney.

Attached is the lengthy paperwork associated with JUST the ADMISSION into this program. There are much more efficient ways to deal with cases of this nature, and I am ready on day 1 to resolve this issue. It is time for a change in Collin County, I am ready to commit my career to this change and respectfully request your VOTE in the 2018 Republican Primary.