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Casey Davis, Republican for Collin County Criminal District Attorney
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We Need a Fully Functioning 429th Judicial District Court

Greg Willis is married to the Honorable Judge Jill Willis, judge of the 429th Judicial District Court. Because of the conflict of interest created if her husband’s office is prosecuting a case in her court, Collin County cannot even utilize this court for criminal cases. What a waste of taxpayer dollars! When Greg Willis ran for the office of District Attorney, he knew his winning that election would be a burden on the court system and result in waste of one of our courts, but that was not a concern to our incumbent D.A. Now, the other Courts bear the burden of the approximate 1500 criminal cases that the 429th cannot accept because the District Attorney is her husband.

As a result, the other Courts are back logged, the trial dockets are too full, cases are not being disposed of efficiently, defendants are sitting in jail longer, and Judges do not have enough time to hear all of the civil and criminal issues and cases piling up on their dockets. Add to this problem, that the District Attorney’s Office in many cases is not disposing of felonies until they are on the trial docket and the Grand Jury Division is True Billing approximately 92% of cases filed with them by police agencies and things are an overcrowded mess in Collin County. We need highly qualified, unmarried, unrelated people running the District Courts and the District Attorney’s office, and any good business person would agree.

It is time for a change in Collin County, I am ready to commit my career to this change and respectfully request your VOTE in the 2018 Republican Primary.